The Montblanc Worldsecond

The international luxury maison Montblanc introduces its new mobile campaign to capture and experience the same instant together. Inspired by the idea of recording time, Montblanc introduces “The Montblanc Worldsecond”, a vivid photo contest inviting everyone to photographically capture moments of beauty. At exactly the same instant, all over the world, various images will be created. A specially developed mobile photo app, for iPhone and Android, features a unique countdown function, ensuring that the smartphone cameras of all participants worldwide will take a picture at the very same moment.

The photos taken within the involving app are uploaded to the website, creating a stunning mosaic of globally shared moments – being the “Worldseconds”. Over the course of the campaign, Montblanc will “record” 60 digital Worldseconds until end of December 2012. That is, 60 opportunities for participants to let their imagination and creativity run free.

From November 1st, 2012, app users and visitors to the website can choose from the uploaded photos to compile their own photo galleries, having the opportunity to share them through a variety of social media channels. The contest ends on December 31st, 2012. In early January 2013, the winner in each category – Worldsecond Photo and Worldsecond Gallery – will receive a watch from the Montblanc TimeWalker collection.

The Montblanc Worldsecond mobile app is available for free for Apple iPhone and Android phones since November 1st. Every second counts!

Château Baccarat oenology wine glass

The success of some bloggers can sometimes be compared with the success of some small fashion labels: they suddenly come out of the shadow, face a great success and then disappear. However, some bloggers are exceptions: time doesn't affect the quality of their blog and their work. I would even say that time is precious to them and it helps them express their passion and artistic sensibility. This applies perfectly to the French blogger James Bort, probably because James is not only a blogger. He his above all a great photographer and film maker.

To celebrate the new Château Baccarat oenology wine glass collection, the famed Crystalworks has given him a "carte blanche" to make a short movie. Filmed at the House of Baccarat in Paris, the video, in the style of a fairy tale, presents the explosion of colours and flavours magnified by the specially-created Château Baccarat stemware.

I hope you will like it as much as I did!

New management team for Worldtempus

The Edipresse group, owner of Worldtempus, has chosen Caroline Buechler and François‐Xavier Mousin, founders of Opus Magnum, to handle the management and development of the website. They are taking on the Executive Management under the presidency of Michel Lamunière.


Launched in 2001, Worldtempus comes in French, English, Chinese and Italian versions, with editorial and commercial teams based in both Europe and Asia. Over the past decade, Worldtempus has established itself as a benchmark provider of high‐quality watch‐related information, thanks to special partnerships with the greatest brand

New ambassador of charm for Saint Honoré

Ballet Dancer Kateryna Shalkina is the new Saint Honoré ambassador of charm. She will promote the watchmaker internationally and will help the company to strengthen its presence of the lady market segment.


A night at Barceló Raval

After discovering the hotel and the roof-top, let’s peek at the rooms of the Barceló Raval.



Pretty sleek in design, kept all in white, lime-green and pink, they give a spacious feel thanks to their amazing window surface. Certainly a view to get used to!



Stay connected with your mobile devices, plug your iPhone into the docking station and listen to your music while having a complimentary Nespresso coffee (don’t look for little espresso cups there aren’t any).



Fully devoted to design, the room lacks some functionality. I love the fact that the shower is open to the room, but awkward moments might arise should you not know your fellow guest too well.



As soon as it’s dark outside the pink neon light makes it close to impossible to find that shirt you wanted to wear for your night out. But no need to worry about this if you decide to go naked. This should also solve the shower problem for you….



Barceló Raval Roof-Top Terrace

One of the better things to do in Barcelona after a day of exploring the city is to chill on Barceló Raval’s rooftop terrace! Take in the stunning 360°-panorama view over the city, relax in the sun, listen to the lounge music and sip a glass of champagne. Pure bliss!









Barceló Raval design hotel

A couple of days ago, I had the pleasure to test the Barceló Raval hotel in Barcelona, a cool place I discovered and booked through the excellent website Splendia!


Situated on Rambla del Raval, encircled by historic graffiti painted buildings, palm trees and cafés, the neighbourhood is up and coming, but yet to be the hippest of the city of Barcelona.


The short walk from the hotel to the tourist trail and the Ramblas passes through narrow passages, where prostitutes greet you. It’s lively, messy and with a real atmosphere. You either like it or you don’t. We definitely did.



The hotel is a modern 11-storey building with a mesh-wire reflecting the sun and an amazing rooftop terrace with a unique 360°-panorama view over Barcelona. Must-do is to get a room on the 9th or 10th floor for an unforgettable sight.



Better leave it if you’re looking for classical, traditional, more conservative design. But if you’re after a trendy hotel, that offers post-modern-baroque design (we just invented this ) and allows you to stay tuned on Facebook, Twitter and the like with your iPad, iPhone and Blackberry you should definitely go for it.






Next posts: the incredible hotel rooftop and the room!


Getting high in Barcelona

Stunning pictures of a beautiful sunset on Barcelona, taken 5 days ago from the Montjuïc Cable Car. Probably one of the best panoramic views of the city... If you love waiting as the queue is often pretty long.







Cervecería Catalana

You can't visit Barcelona without eating any tapas. You simply can't. There are so many places offering this typical Spanish speciality. The problem is not about finding one, it's more about finding the right one, I mean the best one, like the Cervecería Catalana restaurant, located on the Mallorca street. Tapas are not only fresh and well-presented, they are excellent too!







The place will probably be full when you arrive. That's fine. Just have a glass and wait until you get a table! Or make that two!

Olá Barcelona

Bye bye grey Paris and grey Geneva. Time has come for much nicer weather in Barcelona, where I will spend some days and NYE. A needed break to get inspired and work on new ideas. 2012 will be a great year, believe me, full of new resolutions!


Resolution #1. It's getting personal! I got bored of my blog that is not personal enough anymore. This will change in 2012!

Resolution #2. Open your eyes! There are so many nice articles that could be written but so little time, especially when blogging is not you full-time job (I wish it was). New editors will join Passion Luxe and will cover new areas like music or architecture! Great news, isn't it?

Resolution #3. International, yeah! Upcoming articles will be available in French and English!

Résolution #4. Well... Any ideas?

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