Talking about money in Switzerland is considered as extremely rude. The ancestral Swiss banking system was built on trust and discretion, two pillars of the « secret bancaire ». Yet, money is at the center of many discussions both at cantonal or federal levels. Swiss cantons can choose the tax level they apply on revenus and differences can be very important. In that specific area, french-speaking cantons are more expensive than swiss-german cantons. In other words, you will pay more taxes on average in Geneva than in Zurich. but leet’s not focus on tax and cantonal policy but on wealth in watchmaking.

Last January, Swiss business magazine Bilanz published its yearly list of the richest people residing in Switzerland, categorized into the industry in which the fortune was made. Su Jia Xian, that you probably better know under the initials SJX, published the list. I invite you to read it but don’t expect any big surprise as the names listed will all be extremely familiar to you with two exceptions maybe. I guess you now know if which group you should invest!