Back home!

What? Did I just make it? Did I just publish an article approximately one year and four months since I last publish something here? Yes, I did. And it feels so good! Like being back home after a long journey. I missed writing but don’t worry, I was never far away from watches and jewelry as you can see on my Instagram or LinkedIn profile!

Baselworld 2016 just ended this week. The world of watchmaking changed so much since I started working in the field. Back in 2006, talking about digital was almost an insult. I can’t remember how many times I heard luxury top-managers telling me that « luxury can’t be online. Communication has to be on printed channels ». Nowadays, not being active online is seen as one of the biggest communication and marketing mistakes for a watch and jewelry brand. Yes, time changes and fighting against changes is such a vain strategy. I can only congratulate Zurich-based watch company SevenFriday that masters online communication so well that it turned into one of the coolest and most popular brands on the Internet.

Another major trend is definitely connected watches. 3 years ago, they were considered as a joke by swiss watchmakers. I had tons of discussions with watch professionals who explaining that connected devices and luxury are simply not compatible. I didn’t agree. And I was right. TAG Heuer, Bulgari launched connected watches. Montblanc launched a connected strap. The market is moving fast and what was seen as joke is now seen as an opportunity (soft version) or as a threat (hard version). But one fact remains : connected watches will changes the face of the watchmaking world. And Swiss watchmakers should better be prepared. Because the world will not wait for them.