Yesterday was a good day for the watch industry. Wait a bit, it wasn’t good; it was great: MB&F launched its new horological machine: the HM6. I am extremely sad I couldn’t attend to the reveal at MB&F MAD Gallery here in Geneva for many reasons. First of all, I love the place. Honestly, I don’t know how many times my week-end walks in Geneva lead me to the MAD Gallery. There, I always feel like a little child in a candy shop. Then, I love the MB&F team. They are all crazy, leaving in a parallel world made of mechanical extravagance. And it is so welcomed in a city and industry that place tradition above everything else. Then, every new launch is a great occasion to see good friends. And eventually, I have always been extremely pleased by what MB&F presented me, from watches to music machine, mechanical pieces of art to great photo exhibition.

As I said, I was extremely sad I couldn’t attend the reveal yesterday (Thanks again MB&F for the invitation. I will make sure I can come next time). So I looked frenetically on the net looking for the first images before I got caught by the big buzz wave. There are now plenty of images and I highly recommend you the excellent and completely biased review of Watch Anist.

Now, the big question: Do I like the watch? Its design is so unique and so different to what I wear every day. It is so disruptive. I see it like a little earthquake in the conventional watchmaking world. This timepiece is a true spaceship, a watchmaking UFO, a crazy design and probably the ultimate toy for big boy. Will it fit on me? I just don’t know but I can’t wait for the moment this spaceship will land my wrist!