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Talking about money in Switzerland is considered as extremely rude. The ancestral Swiss banking system was built on trust and discretion, two pillars of the « secret bancaire ». Yet, money is at the center of many discussions both at cantonal or federal levels. Swiss cantons can choose the tax level they apply on revenus and differences can be very important. In that specific area, french-speaking cantons are more expensive than swiss-german cantons. In other words, you will pay more taxes on average in Geneva than in Zurich. but leet’s not focus on tax and cantonal policy but on wealth in watchmaking.

Last January, Swiss business magazine Bilanz published its yearly list of the richest people residing in Switzerland, categorized into the industry in which the fortune was made. Su Jia Xian, that you probably better know under the initials SJX, published the list. I invite you to read it but don’t expect any big surprise as the names listed will all be extremely familiar to you with two exceptions maybe. I guess you now know if which group you should invest!


SIHH is around the corner and I won’t have time for a long post. However, I want to share with you an interesting article published recently by Luxury Daily, named “Omega leverages Instagram for limited-edition purchase path”.

The fact that social media / networks are used by brands as drive-to-store is not new (store to be understand as brick-and-mortar stores but also AS any form of online distribution) and Instagram is turning more and more into a see / click / buy application. No need to say this is extremely interesting for luxury brands as images (and the values they convey) are a powerful sales booster. Probably the most powerful actually.

If e-commerce or m-commerce are extremely popular in fashion, small leather goods and accessories, they remain marginal distribution channels for traditional watchmakers. But things are moving and they are moving fast. The example of the Omega Speedmaster “Speedy Tuesday” is the perfect demonstration. I won’t analyze the watch nor the process in details but the bottom line is the following: Swiss watchmaker Omega has released a limited-edition of 2’012 pieces of its Speedmaster. The picture was published on Instagram and potential clients can reserve their Watch via Instagram.

What’s new then? Well, Omega used the hashtag created by Fratello Watches founder Robert-Jan Broer. Basically, the brand took a hashtag created by its community and re-used it in its communication and sales process. This is a direct reply to any luxury brand managers still doubting if they should use social networks or not: Stop asking yourselves that question. You are already on them through your fans. The question is rather: How can you embark them into the brand journey?

Now, a question that came to my mind while reading the article on Luxury Daily: Imagine you are a fan of Omega, you share your love for the brand and your active participation leads to numerous sales… Will the brand reward you as a business partner and if yes, how? I guess this question will be more and more important as the influence of social evangelists will grow. And that’s where the grey zone starts…


When several watch fans gather together for a drink or a dinner, it is very likely they end up taking wrist shots, also named watchies. And here is what happens when you start taking a watchie of someone taking a watchie. I guess we can call this wrist shot the "inception watchie". Thanks Henri for the funny photo shoot!

2017-01-08_Polo_S1.jpg Watch : Piaget Polo S, automatic version with blue dial


I didn't publish any post for months but it feels good to be back online, starting 2017 with a great energy. The beginning of the year will be intense. The SIHH is around the corner and the world of watchmaking is already all about Geneva. The watch fair 27th edition will be very special. The market has been extremely challenged in the last couple of years and there is no doubt this will be a main topic for many journalists, retailers or brand employees. Yet, I am confident that the main topic will remain... watches. And beautiful ones hopefully. To be honest with you, I can't wait to present you our new timepieces and celebrate with you Piaget's icon, Altiplano, turning sixty this year.


Watchfam, see you all in a couple of days to celebrate watchmaking and passion!

Back home!

What? Did I just make it? Did I just publish an article approximately one year and four months since I last publish something here? Yes, I did. And it feels so good! Like being back home after a long journey. I missed writing but don’t worry, I was never far away from watches and jewelry as you can see on my Instagram or LinkedIn profile!

Baselworld 2016 just ended this week. The world of watchmaking changed so much since I started working in the field. Back in 2006, talking about digital was almost an insult. I can’t remember how many times I heard luxury top-managers telling me that « luxury can’t be online. Communication has to be on printed channels ». Nowadays, not being active online is seen as one of the biggest communication and marketing mistakes for a watch and jewelry brand. Yes, time changes and fighting against changes is such a vain strategy. I can only congratulate Zurich-based watch company SevenFriday that masters online communication so well that it turned into one of the coolest and most popular brands on the Internet.

Another major trend is definitely connected watches. 3 years ago, they were considered as a joke by swiss watchmakers. I had tons of discussions with watch professionals who explaining that connected devices and luxury are simply not compatible. I didn’t agree. And I was right. TAG Heuer, Bulgari launched connected watches. Montblanc launched a connected strap. The market is moving fast and what was seen as joke is now seen as an opportunity (soft version) or as a threat (hard version). But one fact remains : connected watches will changes the face of the watchmaking world. And Swiss watchmakers should better be prepared. Because the world will not wait for them.

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